1. IMPORTANT! If you have ANY damage to your home or property please call 2-1-1 to report. This will help with pursuing Federal aid.
  2. People can return to homes, but use extreme caution! There are many dangers in flooded buildings, including weakened walls and foundations, debris and more. 
  3. Dumpsters are available throughout the community and will be emptied periodically. Trash should be pulled to the curb.
  4. Mazo Public Works is going door to door to pump basements. If you need your property pumped, please be home so volunteers are able to get in.
  5. Electrical issues:
    • Electricity may be off for several days. Vanguard is going house to house once basements are clear of water.
    • If your electrical panel has been submerged, it must be replaced. Local electricians have volunteered their time to assist with replacing panels. Call -- do NOT text -- Steve Flogel at 608-516-1926 and leave a message with your phone number and address.
    • Once work is completed, your home must be inspected before power will be restored. Contact building inspector Tracy Johnson at 608-444-0372 for an inspection.
  6. Village water is safe to use. However, private wells may be contaminated and property owners should use bottled water until wells are tested/remediated.‚Äč
  7. Donations of toiletries, non-perishables and personal items can be taken to the Dollar General in Mazomanie. Clothing or bedding can be taken to 2nd Chapter resale on Brodhead Street next to the Library in downtown Mazomanie.
  8. The Peoples Community Bank and State Bank of Cross Plains have set up funds for monetary donations. Check their websites for more information.The Red  Cross has set up at the Mazomanie Elementary School and is offering food, shelter and assistance there. Meals are also being served at the Mazomanie Fire Department.
  9. Many people are asking how to help. We are still compiling a list of volunteers for the Red Cross. Pm Natalie K Beil with your email to be included on the list. OFFER TO HELP NEIGHBORS THAT HAVE BEEN AFFECTED!!
  10. Everyone is accounted for safe and sound, a big THANK YOU to Mazomanie Fire Department, Dane County District One EMS, Mazomanie Police Department and the emergency crews from all of our neighboring communities that have done an excellent job keeping us safe. Also a big THANK YOU to the entire Village staff!!


Northwest Dane Senior Services is able to help seniors in need in all three communities! Contact Paulette at ednwdss@tds.net, 608-798-6937, if you are in need or know of a senior that needs help.


Items needed: Personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, clothes for all ages, blankets, dry socks, school supplies and non-perishable food items, furniture, all basic housewares.

Please take personal hygiene, non-perishables and cleaning supplies to Dollar General. Clothing and housewares can be dropped off at 2nd Chapter Resale next to the Library in downtown Mazo.    


If you can help with clean-up, please report to the Command Center at Mazomanie Fire Department for a work assignment.

FLOOD HELP LINE    608-644-6411

Volunteer-staffed line to assist with shelter, food,

supplies, pet food/housing and more. 

People from all affected communities welcome to call.